Comfortable Sandals, Flip Flops for women and men (thong sandals)
Flip Flops for Women and Men
Relax Ya Feet! with Comfortable Sandals

Aussie Soles has Reinvented the Thong Sandal with the Starfish Flip Flop

                Flip Flops for Women   Get Men's Starfish

Women, Men, Teens and Young Adults are all going wild for Aussie Soles' Starfish, a Super Comfy Thong Sandal that leaves starfish in the sand with each step....These are The Flip Flop Shoes.  And, they have Arch Support.

This is the place to get the Most Comfortable Sandals.

They have Arch Support to Relax your feet.

They last for years, not months.

We ship Anywhere in the world for $9.95 flat rate!  All prices are USD$

That's right order as many as you wish, same shipping cost....


See what customers say.

"I have had the same pair of Starfish Thong Sandals for two summers.  I am a larger woman.  I have allot of problems with my feet and legs but when I put these sandlas on I can walk comfortably without pain.  I have taught a walking class and suffered from Plantar Fascitis (severe heel pain) and flat feet and the Star fish sandals do offer comfort.  I use the sandals everyday of the summer as well as for the shower for camping and at the gym, they have never ever had an odour, the colour of the sandal itself has never dulled and it is just now starting to show wear.  This is just the beginning of the third summer.  I am just placing an order for two more pairs only so I can expand my wardrobe!  I live in Ontario Canada so I can only wear them 4-6 months of the year full time but now I know they have winter boots too So I can not wait to try those out too because the winter only brings pain for me so this year I am looking for a pain free winter, so stay tuned folks I can not wait to let you know better yet try your own, I can tell you for the price you have nothing to lose and everything to gaing.  I know when I am walking with the way the sandal fits I do not have to stop all of the time and pick the stones out of my thong sandals.  They are just so amazing."

Virginia L., Ontario Canada


I love my Aussie soles Starfish Flip flops. I was thrilled to discover them last summer. I have never worn flip flops much because I couldn't find a comfortable lightweight pair - then I discovered Starfish that not only are lightweight, they have arch support and some wonderful color combinations. I now own 2 pairs and have converted my husband and grown son to wearing flip flops too. They are an incredible find, and I should mention durable too. Not often you find cute flip flops that are completely comfortable too!

Jackie O.

California, USA


"I live in Hawai‘i where “slippahs” are pretty much the only shoes we wear – easy to kick off at the door and perfect for walking in the long wet grass or on the beach when we’re launching our outrigger canoes. I was thrilled to stumble across the Starfish slippah at a shopping center cart when I was visiting my family in Canada. The Starfish are perfectly comfortable and really sturdy, more so than those flip flops they sell at the drug store. And my feet never get that ugly odor that stinks up the car. So, at my last yard sale, I packaged up my entire collection of other slippahs and gave them away. Now I’ve got a whole wardrobe of Aussie Sole slippahs, thanks to TheFunkyShoe. A great selection of colors and really speedy delivery, all the way to the Island. Mahalo!"

Karen K. Hawaii


"I am happy to give you a testimonial about  Aussie Soles shoes.  I bought them (Starfish) for my mother.  My mother has had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 10 years.  Aussie Soles are the only shoes she can wear.  She wears them every day.   Thanks for the opportunity to share our story."

BethanyDick, FL USA

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